Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Australian Idol - Perth Auditions What Have We Learnt So Far

After three nights of Australian Idol auditions what have we learnt:

Some asian boys are wanting to be the next David Hung;

Kyle dribbled everytime a half decent girl walked into the room it was abit disturbing when they were under 18. However he is not the only reality tv star who likes young girls. In today's paper it was revealed that 34 year old Johnathan Pease from Australia's Next Top Model had to deny he was dating an 18 year old school girl;

And singers with weaker voices can get through to Sydney if they are playing a guitar or have a good sob story eg the scottish mum from Perth whose husband works on an oil rig - her high notes were screeches that made ears ring.

Bad Marcia emerged in Brisbane and called a girl's voice vulgar (not sure if that was proper terminology) so she was not feeling the sistahood on this one. I want Marcia to toughen up but I thought this 16 year old girl was not the one to do it on.

Then morality Marcia emerged when a girl dressed in what looked like a sperm and sang a song about liking your pussy.

Chrislyn a larger girl handled questions about her size with aplomb. Really why can't there be a larger pop singer. Ok Casey Donovan has not yet made it but I think there were other issues going on.

Kyle took one 16 year old boy to task regarding his eyebrows and asked whether he would be willing to pluck. Interesting considering he did not raise this issue with Marty "Agro" Simpson last year.

The new London auditions tonight looking forward to seeing Darren Hayes and Tina Arena as guest judges, as it was rumoured that if Marcia and Dicko don't perform this year they will be flicked for younger judges. Not that Dicko has any problems attracting support from the younger set if as a 17 year old was gushing over him saying, I love you and motioned for him to call her. Even Dicko squirmed and looked embarrassed, Johnathan Pease would have been in his element.

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