Saturday, August 23, 2008

Reality Tidbits

Project Runway - Where Are They Now?
Article from Newsday here which shows what some of the designers from the four seasons of Project Runway are up to.

Big Brother - What Are This Years Contestants Now Up to.
Former Big Brother contestant, but now fanatic and BB commentator, Tim Brunero, has written an article on what this the final year of BB contestant's are up to. For those interested click here.

Farmer Wants A Wife - The are now casting for Series 3
After the continued success of Season 2 of Farmer Wants a Wife - Channel 9 are looking for farmers for series 3. Considering two of the six farmers from last years series found a mate they should get some quality girls and guys applying. It seems to have a better success rate then RSVP.

Some Sort of Bitchfest Has Erupted in Melbourne Over Jason Coleman's New Dance Studio.

So You Think You Can Dance judge Jason Coleman has made some enemy's in his quest to build a super dooper dance academy in Melbourne. Has he been inspired by another SYTYCD judge Debbie Allen who has her own dance academy in the US. Jason has been accused of poaching students. To be honest I am finding it very hard to care. However for those that do the article is here.

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