Thursday, August 28, 2008

Australian Idol - Sydney Auditions Part 1

It was Sydney and a few queries need to be raised:
Firstly there were shots of all these people lining up to audition at Australian Technology Park, but when has that ever had a view of the harbour and the Opera House, or were they mysteriously teleported to perform for the judges at Taronga Zoo. Continuity person needs to get the sack. Also Natalie Colyton appeared to have had a hair cut between the beginning of the montage and singing before the judges.

Why is Ricki-Lee getting so much air time as compared to James and Andrew G? She is not as entertaining or witty.

Dare I say it is Kyle Sandilands now the most entertaining judge on the panel? With his absence due to pneumonia the repartee between Dicko and Marcia was limited to "It's a no from me", "It's a yes from me" combined with Dicko giving them a standing ovation, is this his equivalent of a Mark Holden touchdown - riveting stuff... The most amusing moment were the nude ninja's in their g-strings. Yes the episode was that dull.

Nicole Sero allegedly an actress, singer and dancer was the classic case of her being unable to sing. Not sure about the acting either, however if her meltdown after her audition was an act she needs to get to Hollywood now. Unfortunately I don't think she was acting her classic line was "Casting agents could be watching this" as she sobbed into the camera.

Seventeen year old Matthew should have gotten through just because of his ability to play a didge and guitar at the same time. He was great, but he needs to get rid of the facial hair where he has a beard without a moustache - I thought only men in the '70's wearing safari suits wore that style of facial hair.

Wes Carr was the highlight with is rock star charisma, great voice, and the hat was fab too.

By the end of the day only 10 singers got through and the final audition episode is screened tomorrow, Friday night and I am starting to wish I was going out.

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