Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Project Runway V Stylista Which Means Nina Garcia V Anne Slowey

Here is an interesting article from the NY Mag which talks about the feud between to Elle fashionistas Nina Garcia, Project Runway judge, and Anne Slowey, 'star' of the new reality TV show Stylista. The premise of this show is wannabe fashion editors battling it out for a job at Elle.

However the article gives a overview of the recent changes to Project Runway and also how Runway has evolved.

Interesting revelations in the article is:

Tim Gun was not paid for Season 1, and was only paid $2500 for each episode in Season 2;

Anne Slowey and Nina Garcia shared the judging spot in Season 1, and the producers decided they just wanted Nina for season 2;

How Nina managed to make the transition from Elle to Marie Claire when Project Runway moved from Bravo to Lifetime; and

the different factions at Elle.

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