Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pauline Hanson and reality TV - this is so wrong

I know in previous posts I have mentioned that I have liked it when reality tv and politics mix - however not in this case where it is being mooted that Channel 7 has approached Pauline Hanson to be on a reality tv show as a single women looking for love.

This is just so wrong. First we had Teri on Big Brother who won as a Pauline Hanson accolyte, and now we may have the woman herself on TV.

I have to hand it to Pauline she really can give lessons on how to milk what should have only been 15 minutes of fame.

Link to Daily Tele article here.

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Anonymous said...

I always suspected she had a secret prediliction for hung black men. If so, the show might be more interesting that anyone would initially credit. PS. I have also heard tell that she is not a real redhead.