Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Project Runway Australia - Petrova gets to Basque in the Myers glory

With the loss of the bigger personality Helen Manuell, and Leigh losing his mojo this week there were not as many laugh out loud moments in last night's Project Runway Australia's episode, however it was still entertaining.

This week's prize was a beauty as the winning designer would see their design sold in Myers under the Basque label. The Basque women is 30, career minded, likes black but also likes a bit of colour (how many times did we hear that said by the Myers lady?). The outfit was to take the women from the office to dinner.

Though I thought some of the designers were a bit perplexed by the Basque women. I am a Basque women, and indeed have a few well worn pieces in my wardrobe. Is it because they are designed for the 'real' women not the size 8's that most designer outfits are designed for. In fact I think Petrova was a bit scathing about the 30 something Basque women. She clearly thought we were borderline frumpy. I thought her winning design was lovely but I would not wear it.

I thought Juli's design was fabulous - the three quarter length jacket and pants would make a great summer suit, and the magenta lining was fabulous and thank god she took of her sparkles off the suit - they looked hideous or as stated "Mother of the bride".

Juli appears to be making her appearance on the show raise her profile she has just shown at Brisbane Fashion Week and got great reviews. Here is a link to a photo of her with one of her designs.

Leigh clearly lost his mojo this week but I thought if he had gotten black and changed the material of the shirt (florals are not Basque) the design would have been ok. Jayson Brundson was scathing when he said " Just add a scarf and corgi and you have the queen".

Lui's was struggling to fit is 'Akira' type style into the more conservative/commercial brief and took the Basque brief literally when he churned out an all black outfit. This did not go down well with the Basque women 'likes a bit of colour" Myers rep.

Brent's design was ok and I quite liked his much maligned floral and white tuxedo shirt, with the waist coat and pants. The judges just thought it did not bring anything new to the table.

I suspect the judges based their decision on who was to be eliminated not on who had the worse design (as Leigh would have been eliminated on that criteria) but on other factors. As Liu and Leigh are two of the more talented designers, and Brent has had his ups and downs, in fact I am surprised he made it this far, they decided it would be would more advantageous for the show to keep the former two in now we were at the pointy end of the competition.

Finally - Who is dressing Kristy Hinze? Most of her outfits are hideous last nights turquoise dress was just plain awful and made her look big if that is possible. It ranks up there with the night she wore a fake fluffy coat which made her look like she was on the streets of Kings Cross. Also she speaks in monotones - however she is innocuous and her role is small.

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