Sunday, August 31, 2008

It's Official Marcia Has Been Lying To Us For the Past 5 Seasons of Australian Idol

Marcia Hines has finally admitted she did not always tell us what she really thought in seasons gone past on Australian Idol.

In an article in the Sunday Telegraph today she said "I can't hold back because a lot of the things, musically, that Mark [Holden] would have said, I've got to say them,'' Hines said.
"I relied a lot on his ears and now I have to say what has to be said.

She has also admitted with the departure of Mark Holden she will need to step up.

Marcia and Dicko were nearly on the chopping as well this season so Marcia has had the make over with botox etc, and will also have to make over her image as a judge. Everybody knew that Marcia never gave any criticism, constructive or otherwise and it was boring.

So to avoid her hitting the underemployment or worse doing promos for late night shopping TV, she is going to have to be more sizzling.

Full article here.

Dicko will also reveal his nasty side tonight when he throws James Sidebottom out of the Top 24 because he does not want to win Idol. This story is obviously planted to get viewers to tune in. James is the not so great looking chiropractor from Melbourne. Full story here.

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