Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Farmer Wants A Wife Wrap Up

The fallout from Series two of Farmer Wants a Wife continues she with the lethal tongue Stephanie (you remember the stomach churning kiss) who was hoping Brown Brothers farmer Nick would knock her her door, wants an apology from him.

The very eligible bachelor Nick sprung the surprise twist of the series when he picked 19 year Kristy over 22 year old Stephanie who in the previous episodes it had been edited to look like they were developing a romance.

Nick said in an interview that he thought Steph was more after his money rather then him. Stephanie who probably has a bruised ego is insulted by this and is demanding an apology from him. I doubt he will give it - but for the girls out there who liked Nick it is time to go for a wine tasting at the winery, as apparently his relationship with Kristy is now kaput as she is back with her ex. Though Nick has expressed an interest in Natasha one of the girls from the group date.

This years series was successful with Rob and Jo now living together and marriage on the cards. But also Ben and Sarah are just about shacked up and serious and virtually living together down at the Jamberoo dairy farm. Sarah reveals in this week TV Week that she is thinking of moving down there in a couple of months. She did not reveal whether she has been getting up to participate in the early morning milking sessions.

Howie the most boring farmer of the series is still single. The local girl Bron he dated after he told the two girls he picked to go on the farm that he was not interested is now not on. "We sort of cooled things off soon after the final catch-up, "Howie said. Also he said there was an advantage of being on the show as he is now recognised so it's is something to talk about. God knows he needs a good conversation opener as he does lack personality.

Michael the dopey but good looking sheep farmer has kept in contact with Simone since they finished filming, however there is no romance. Simone on the show told him that she was not interested in a relationship with him and he had looked disappointed or maybe embarrassed. As who really wants to be 'dumped' on national tv. He said that he wishes he had spent longer looking through the applications, "maybe taking a bit more time to really think about which girl was going to be more compatible". He is also putting out a call to the women who weren't in his initial top 10. "They can still contact me and we can go from there, hopefully."

Psycho James is still single - surprise surprise. I still don't get why Toni was into him, I suppose a clanging biological clock can do that to you. Apparently she has been phoning him but he has not been answering her calls. He said "I don't really want to listen to the whingeing and whining,"

Since the show James has had one letter from a woman interested in him - is she insane? But he has not followed it up. "The girl that did contact me... oh my god, I must have been a bad man in a previous life, fair dinkum!" I still don't get why he rates himself such a catch. He is a not very good looking egocentric semi-invalid who does not know the meaning of the word compromise. I don't expect him to hear wedding bells anytime soon.

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