Friday, January 9, 2009

Ajay Rochester Pins Hopes On Leeza Gibbons From Keeping Her Out Of Jail.

Can this women save The Biggest Loser Host, Ajay Rochester, from spending time in jail? Leeza Gibbons who used to be on Entertainment Tonight is currently in Australia and may be a character witness at her sentencing hearing on 13 January 2009.
Ajay pleaded guilty to Centrelink Fraud last year.Also Australian singer Chantelle Delaney (I have never heard of her) has also written a character reference for Ajay. Ajay met these two women on the Olivia Newtown-John Great Wall Of China walk.
So she is relying on people she has known for 6 months for character references? They would barely know her? I think she may want to try and get people who have known her for a few years not some faux celebrities.
Channel Ten must be hoping this bunch of publicity will bring in new viewers for the new series of The Biggest Loser which starts on February 1.
Full story in the Daily Telegraph.


Anonymous said...

LOL - Yeah - Shallow Bunch!

Reality Raver said...

The strategy appeared to work, Ajay recorded no conviction.