Sunday, January 4, 2009

Wes Carr Is In in 2009 but Guy Sebastian is Out

Ros Reines in the Sunday Telegraph did her list of who is hot in 2009 and who is not.

Winner of Australian Idol Wes Carr and his girlfriend Charlotte are hot and are apparently a "power couple".

However shoot director on Australia's Next Top Model Johnathan Pease is apparently not hot this year. Johnathan 35, who spent last year dating 20 year olds on a number of occasions, was given this critique by the gossip columnist.

ANOTHER serial dater and party perennial, sometime television host, occasional designer and model powerhouse.
But Pease needs to look further than his contact book in order to establish himself as a key personality in '09.

I couldn't agree more.

However I thought she was a bit harsh about Season 1 Australian Idol winner Guy Sebastian. She said:
NOW that he's married and no longer a virgin, it's time Sebastian demonstrated a bit more depth to his character - or maybe even a hint of the darkness within - because the Mr Nice Guy image is getting to be boring.

So your not hot anymore on the social circuit because you are not a virgin???? That is just too bizarre.


Anonymous said...

I think perhaps Ms Reines is just peeved because Guy probably knocked back an invitation to something she organised. lol. To say he is not hot in the social set because he is too nice is just ridiculous. And saying that now he is no longer a virgin he should start showing a darker side is as you say bizarre. That would mean most people over the age of 15 or 16 these days suddenly turn into dark unpleasant individuals no matter how nice they were before. Guy is just a genuinely nice guy. So many fakes out there who land up showing their true colours eventually. There is nothing hidden in Guy. And when was nice so bad anyway. Haven't we got enough nasty, up themselves, swollen headed rock and pop stars in the world.

In the last 16 months Guy has produced a record with Memphis soul legends, had the 3rd highest selling album at the 2008 Arias. He has done two tours, one with those amazing soul legends as part of his backing band. He also did a tour with the Australian Army Band to raise funds for Legacy. He was nominated for a Helpman Award and also won 2 ACE Awards. Best Original Music Performer and Outstanding Performer Of The Year. Other nominees for these awards included Jimmy Barnes, Brian Cadd and David Campbell.

As far as social events go Guy is usually too busy performing at them to attend as a guest. 40 special events ranging from World Youth Day, Asian Idol, corporate events like the Queensland Management Excellence Awards, The Myer Gala Ball, The Golden Stave Hall of Fame Dinner, the Business SA Annual Dinner & Export Awards, The Temple of Siam Zoofari, The Myer Supplier Of the Year Awards, Summer Down Under at Australia Zoo. Numerous charity events including the Olivia Newton John & Friends Concert, the SU Frontline Appeal, the Services To Youth Council Gala Ball.

In between all that he got married, and traveled to America 3 times. First trip was for a showcase with USA Sony which scored him an American contract. 2nd trip was to work on new material with Steve Cropper and other songwriters, and 3rd trip was to record some new songs with John Mayer's band to be added to his album for its US release. John(a good friend) just happened by the studio and landed up playing guitar and doing backing vocals for all four songs.

Is it any wonder he has to knock back so many invitations from the social set. Many of the so called celebrities who accept these invitations probably haven't got anything better to do with their time, and it is the only way they have of keeping themselves out there. But I guess in the end she is probably right about this year. Guy will likely have to spend a fair bit of time in the US, so he may not be able to accept her next invitation either.

Reality Raver said...

Anon thanks for the comment, and the update on what Guy has been up to.

It would appear his year will be a bit more exciting then being invited to the latest perfume launch.