Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sarah Wilson To Host Masterchef???

Is this the new host of Masterchef? Sarah Wilson was an editor of Cosmopolitan (the mag that advises on how to give perfect fellatio) who now describes herself as journalist, author, and trend consultant.

It is a bold but also exciting move by Channel Ten to choose her for the show they are hoping will get them out of the rating doldrums in the 7.00pm time slot.

Personally I am glad they picked her over the mediocre males they were touting, like Neil Perry (his personality is just a bit flat on TV), Ben Donohue (too blokey, and at times annoying), and Curtis Stone (read what I had to say about Ben). At least she is an unknown quantity.

Someone that would have been perfect in the role would have been Matt Moran the chef in the much underrated reality TV show The Chopping Block. He is probably still contracted to Channel 9. But he has a good mix of niceness and empathy, but mixed with being a bit ballsy when he has to be.

Another TV chef who may have been good, is Darren Simpson of The Best on Lifestyle Channel. He has a nice TV personality and demeanour as well as being a great chef. His biggest liability is that he is British.

Masterchef if the casting is right should be a great show for Channel Ten and I eagarly await further announcements regarding the judges.

But does anyone else think it is strange that at 6.30pm they will be showing the weight loss program The Biggest Loser, and then they follow it with a food show? All viewers good intentions of dieting will be out the window by 7.15pm.

Full story on Daily Telegraph.

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