Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Project Runway - Season 1 Is Rescreening on Arena, The Show Has Definately Evolved.

Tonight Arena TV started a repeat of Season 1 Project Runway, which I have never seen.
Can you believe that Tim Gunn was not paid for the first series?
It was interesting to watch how the show has evolved.
Some things I noted:
  • Heidi Klum, the host, seems to be friendlier to the contestants in season 1, she now is much more formal with them;

  • Heidi wore the same outfit twice, once when meeting the contestants at the apartments (something else she would not do now) and then when she was on the runway telling them what the challenge is;

  • Heidi's look is much more polished and dressed up, in this episode it was a Kiss t-shirt and jeans not some micro mini designer dress;

  • Michael Kors appears thinner;

  • Nina Garcia's hair appears to be the same style (ok that is something that has not evolved and the fact Michael Kors is still wearing the same clothes.);

  • Banana Republic accessory wall, which is now the wall;

  • The had an hour to shop for material's in the grocery store, in challenges now they only have 30 minutes;

  • They did not mention immunity of the next round for the winner, maybe they will mention that next episode.

  • Heidi shook hands with the eliminated contestant and did not kiss them on both cheeks. Of course she said Auf Widershen (sic).
Can anyone think of anything else I missed?

Austin's corn dress was innovative, but did it deserve to win? Husks were falling off the runway. Nina Garcia would be scathing about that in later seasons.

I thought Nora's blue outfit made out of an outdoor seat and placemats rocked and deserved first place.

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