Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Farmer Wants A Wife - Series 2 Episode 3

Farmer Wants a Wife suddenly gets interesting this episode, as it is when the two girls go to the farm as they start to get to know the "characters" a bit more. and they try and decide which girl they would like to be with. Of course Channel 9 ran over so Fox IQ cut the show off before it had finished. In a sad but true story, I can confirm I rang Channel 9 to rant about it today only to be told they would prefer people did not record as it did not help their ratings. So a very bemused reality raver queried whether they would prefer people not to watch their programs at all?

Anyways comments on the show:

Nick the Winemaker:
If Nick the winemaker is wanting a slightly sophisticated girl why did he pick a nineteen year old wannabee beauty queen, to go to the farm with? Maybe he has a Shari-Lee Hitchcock fetish as she looks like her younger sister.

Is he a genuine bachelor or is he on the show to promote the Brown Brothers brand and estate?

I suspect Kristy is on the show to get herself on TV hoping to be the next letter spinner on the now axed Wheel of Fortune.

James the Deniliquin Farmer:
This guy is the creepy one of the series in fact I am surprised the girls Toni and ?Cherie have not hatched some escape plan. Now I know why he does not have horses on his property to stop people riding off in the middle of the night...

He seems to think he is quite endearing, but cooking chicken on a beer can, and letting your dog eat at the table is not going to get him any bedroom action anytime soon.

However the poll on the Channel Nine website here. Has him getting the highest vote for hottest farmer on the series with 34 % of the vote. Either he is voting for himself, I have read the poll question wrong, or the voters are being ironic.

Rob from Mt Gambier:
Now speaking of bedroom action he may be the first to get some. In fact have the producers got another true love scenario happening between rugged Rob and photographer Jo. How good is this for the show? It seems if you want to find a guy the odds are better getting on this show then having your profile on RSVP.

Howie from Weabonga NSW (otherwise the middle of nowhere)
Howies definitely believes in a baptism of fire for his two ladies. Considering the isolation of his property for these city folk you would have thought he would have taken it a bit more slowly in initiating the girls in the ways of the land.

Getting them to stick your arm up a cow (not pleasant for human or beast) and going pig shooting is always a no no on a first date. I will be surprised if true love is found here.

Farmer Mick from Goulburn:
Last week farmer Mick decided to opt out of the mating game by not picking two girls but taking a job he had gone for. However the producers have obviously persuaded him to give it another go, as well as the above job falling through. He picked two girls to pick him on the farm however I have no idea who they are as the recording had stopped.

Ben the Dairy Farmer from Jambaroo:
Ben appears to have picked identical twins as his two girls as both look alike, the Nanny, and Emma the horse vet.

The girls had a shock at getting up at 4.00am to milk the cows and he was impressed with how they got stuck into it. I suspect a week of 4.00am starts will see the Nanny heading back to the city in no time.

Emma had an opportunity to show her skills with a large calf stuck in a cow, and typical channel 9 needing a cliff hanger we have to wait until next week to see if the calf lived or died!


Anonymous said...

This show is totally fake!!! I too also was under the impression that is was realistic, and I applied for season 3 and was selected by the farmer who I applied for. Little did I know, the farmer turned out to have a different name, different personality than advertised. Also, they plant girls on the show purely to spice it all up. The farmer that I applied for ended up selecting 5 girls for the speed date, 4 of them have previously been modelled in mens mags. The whole show is a total joke, it is all staged and some of the farmers actually already know the girls that they pick. I could go on and on with more juicy info!!

Anonymous said...

And hate to break it all to you people, but also found out whilst I was participating that Rob and Jo already knew each other before the show.

By the way, be warned that season 3 should not be watched by children under 18 years of age, it is basically like looking at a porno mag!

Maryann said...

Please, go on with the juicy info!
It is obvious elements are staged- but not to the extent you are speaking of.

I think, unfortunately, girls have realised that they can get free advertising of their 'package' on TV with some acting up to farmers.