Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Farmer Wants A Wife - Series 2 - Episode 4 - or James is a Doofus

Farmer Wants a Wife was memorable tonight seeing how some of these guys notably James and Mick knew how to deal with women. James inability to compromise, and Mick's no idea on how to host women in his house.

James the egocentric
James showed last night what an immature guy he really is by his non willingness to compromise at all. Does he want a women to love or just a wife to look after him. Highlights of his self centredness was him telling Toni the airline hostess that he wanted a wife that would work fulltime on the farm with him, as since his accident (which was very serious) he was unable to do what he previously had done.

Notwithstanding that liability he showed complete disregard to Cherie and Toni on the night he hosted a BBQ. As James had been busy on the farm, the girls had done all the prep for dinner, they had no problems with that. However the kicker was as they were dealing with the BBQ's they realised that James had been out there drinking with his mates, not coming to see what assistance he could provide, or even just seeing how they were going.

Both Cherie and Toni pissed off back to the house, and James was a bit bemused when he went to see what was happening with the BBQ to realise the potatoes had not been started.

Toni confronted him about his behaviour, and he marched off saying I am going to have a beer with his mates. Girls get out of there. I felt a bit sorry of Toni as she seems just a bit desperate at 35 to get a husband, she really needs to steer clear of this one, as he will bring no happiness just slavedom.

Ironically this unreconstructed man said in this week's TV Week mag that neither of the girls were suitable, as Cherie was too rough. This from a man who lets his dog eat at the table. He was whinging that he had limited choice as only 24 women had applied to meet him. Clearly the single women of Australia could sniff out a loser on the internet.

Link to Daily Tele article on James whinging.

I will give him points for his behaviour making the episode entertaining.

Mick the dunce
Mick the sheep farmer from Goulburn's girls finally arrived he chose Jenny, and Simone, two blondes. He too had issues on how to treat guests in his house. The most memorable scene was at breakfast where he had made himself tea and toast, but had not offered the girls anything. They were left to fend for themselves. Early sign to pack their bags and run IMO.

Jenny did bring it up that he could have hosted better, this did not go down well, and by the end of the episode it looked like he had transferred his affections to Simone.

Rob the Smoothie
He and Jo appear to be the most likely to be filming the Dairy Farmers yoghurt ad next year instead of Chris and Kim. No suspense here as it has been all over the media about this pair hooking up and moving in together.

Only drama is Emmaline not being told, but feeling like a third wheel anyway. Now this guy knows how treat girls, he booked them into a hair salon for the afternoon and then on the weekend was taking him down to his beach house.

Also he gets points for not falling for the slim blonde. Good luck to the pair.

Howie the Dull
Howie seems to be in the position where both of his girls quite liked him but he feels there is no spark from him. He too seemed a bit self centred when he was having the conversation about killing animals on his date with Christy. She looked particularly uncomfortable and said can we go back now. At least Howie's mum has stayed out of the way.

Ben the confused.
Ben is in the nice position of liking both his girls Emma the Vet, and Stacey the Nanny. The suspense of last week regarding the cow giving birth unfortunately the mega mammoth calf died. Question is it usual to let cows to go over 6 weeks overdue. Fortunately the mother cow survived.

Ben needs to pick Emma, as Stacey will last two minutes once the reality of life on the land hits.

Nick the shy
The folly of Nick picking 19 year old Kristy was again highlighted this week, with her barely speaking this episode. I still think she is there to get her face on TV not to meet the love of her life. When meeting Nick's mother and sister she was like a mute, and showed just how far she was out of her social depth.

It only made Stephanie shine more. I think pair looks like a good match, however at 22 she is still very young. In the preview for next week we see they have a big snog, and unfortunately I saw tongue which made it a bit icky....

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Anonymous said...

In answer to your question about the overdue cow it was highly unlikely that the calf was 6 weeks overdue. It would have been born dead if it was that far over. It was probably only 2 weeks overdue (cows cycle in 28 days) by the look of its size. It's not uncommon for Holstein bull calves to be that big. (around 60kgs).