Friday, July 4, 2008

Jodhigate continues.

The story of Jodhi Meares not fronting to host the live final on Tuesday night is almost going on as long as Iguanagate.

Today's story in the Daily Tele today revealed that this was not the first time she has baulked at being on live TV. Apparently she stood up Sky Business News this year.

My theory was she was told she was not able to take those tacky plastic folders, which she uses as a security blanket, on stage to read off and had a complete meltdown.

Link to story here.

As you may have noticed the tabloid is taking the opportunity to post photos of Ms Meares in her skimpiest tops possible.

Jane Nethercote writes a great tongue in cheek article about had "overheard" conversation in the Daily Tele online art department:
"Hey did you hear Jodhi Meares apparently pulled out of more live TV gigs cos of her phobia?"
"Must be tough... great opportunity to run that stock shot."
"Read my mind."
"And can we say she used to nail it in the boardroom?"
"You're good."
"Meanwhile, any other norg-related stories? Running a bit low."
The Sun has news that Kim Kardashian's sister also has big b-obs."
"Kim was a Playboy bunny. Kourtney's her sister."
"Fantastic. Does this mean their b-obs are at war?"
"Sure... and hey, that Coldplay dude, you know Gwyneth's handbag, he says he thought he was gay until he worked out he liked cans."
"Cool. I'll put that in and link it to to our gallery of world's best b-obs."
"Great, just don't forget to call it 'massive'."

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