Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Reality Tidbits

News To Be Put In the Un-fucking-believable file.
Kristy Lee Cook from last seasons American Idol Has managed to Snare a Record contract.

Kristy Lee who was memorable for putting in some pretty ordinary performances on American Idol this season, especially in Beatles week, has now signed a record deal with Arista records an off shoot of BMG.

I cannot see the appeal of this girl, but obviously it helped that she was an attractive blonde.

Terri From BB Wanted by One Nation to Stand For Parliament.

Livenews has an article here which reveals One Nation the controversial political party may be chasing Terri the grandma currently in BB to stand for Parliament. One Nation think she has a potential due to her strong views on immigration. The scary thing is she seems to be having some appeal as apparently she is a strong chance of winning the this years title after Travis.

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