Sunday, July 20, 2008

Australia's Next Top Model - The knives are still out for Jodhi

Now that the gloves have been taken off in regards the previously untouchable host of Australia's Next Top Model Jodhi Meares, it was reported in Private Sydney in the SMH that neighbours in Vaucluse are miffed that she does not clear up her dog Tenzin's dog poop. This is apparently making her very unpopular in this upmarket neighbourhood. Not sure why it merited 10 inches of news print plus photo in the Sydney broadsheet.

Also gossip scribe Ros Reines reports she bumped into Charlotte Dawson, at the Cirque De Soliel opening, and Charlotte had yet to talk to Jodhi since she pulled out of the live finale. Charlotte said that Jodhi had a phobia about hosting on live TV. But then gave her a back handed slap by saying she was scared of flying, but was always in planes... So expect no christmas card exchanges between this pair.

In the I cannot believe this news item, the seriously untalented Jonathan Pease, photo shoot director on Australia's Next Top Model has been hanging out with Adrian Grenier's entourage in LA (I can believe that), but he has also met reps from Grienier's agency, and Pease said "It's all very positive and everyone talks great game in LA. I've had several offers for agent repst so I'm going to come home in late July and work out a plan with my management in Australia."

What would he do over there - he is sooo boring on the Australian series, and he gives little advice to the wannabe models compared to dynamic Jay Manuel in the American Series, which by the way the new series starts Tuesday night on Fox 8.

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