Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Farmer wants a wife by Onadrought

Well, tonight was the night the farmers got to go on a group date with five girls, then choose two that would go out to the farm. Already a bit of reality TV manipulation was on display with the suspense of would Michael stay in the show or quit due to work responsibilities? Also on display was Alisons boobs, would this work in for or against her?

I haven't been following the show that closely this year, but must say the farmers are generally a handsome and charming bunch, except for James who is a bit rough, however the producers match the girls appropriately with James potentials the least glamourous (read rough), with Cherie being a big boozer and saying things like "have ya got a bit of lead in your pencil?"

Nick, enjoyed a day at the races with his dates. He was worried if the 19 year old Kristy would have enough life experience. He didn't worry for long as she was one of the two chosen. Could it have anything to do with the fact that she is a model? The other girl he chose was Stephanie with the packed make-up.

Of course with the manipulation, the girls you thought they's end up with, were not the ones they focused on necessarily. Everyone thought Tamworth girl Kimberly would be a definite for Howie, but low and behold he chose two more attractive women. Kimberly also thought she was a shoe-in as she had tears in her eyes.

Anyway, the blokes chose their girls and we were left with the suspense of would Michael have connected with someone enough to stay on the show. He didn't and Alison showed the bitterness of a woman screwed around by men in saying "just like every other man -dishonest". Maybe Alisons cleavage revealing ways have attracted the wrong type of guys in the past.

I think a bit more manipulation will occur in the future as we were left hanging with some sort of reveal for Michael. My guess is, he'll be back.

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