Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Revealing Interview With Bonnie Lythgoe about why her marriage to Nigel Lythgoe fell apart.

The Melbourne Herald Sun has a very revealing article with Bonnie Lythgoe, judge from So You Think You Can Dance Australia highlighting why her marriage to Nigel Lythgoe fell apart.

If she is hoping for a reconciliation (which I thought was on the cards) she may have wanted to be a bit more circumspect.

Some quotes from the article:
  • Lythgoe says Nigel liked being the leader and so her career always came
    second to his. ‘‘He's denied me a lot of roles and ... it saddens me, because
    I'm so supportive of him and just wanted him to give me that same support back
    and he didn't,'' she says.
  • Lythgoe says her husband didn't seem to want her to
    be on the SYTYCD judging panel and would cut her off mid-sentence, leaving her
    feeling insecure and full of self-doubt.
  • ‘‘The good thing with Nigel is that he can do a show with me and at the end of the day he can walk away and forget about it,'' she says. ‘‘I couldn't. I was taking it home with me and I was getting more and more upset and more and more frustrated.''
  • Lythgoe says Nigel's growing fame made their rift worse.
  • ‘‘I need somebody to put their arms around me and love me just for me,'' she says. ‘‘We all need to be told that we're loved and Nigel kind of didn't have the time. Though I knew he loved me, he didn't have the time for me. ‘
  • ‘We used to go out for dinner, and I'm a real romantic, some candles and a nice glass of wine mean everything to me. Nigel's on the phone half the night making this person feel OK or that person feel OK. Well what about me? I want to feel OK too. It was a problem for me.
  • ‘‘Sometimes I'd be on his arm and I felt like Mrs Cellophane. They'd look right through me. I was just nobody.''
  • Lythgoe says it was only after she found independent success as a judge on the UK series E4 School of Performing Arts that she felt confident enough to work on SYTYCDA.
  • ‘‘I'd been knocked down so much by Nigel that I got to the stage where I thought I was probably not very good,'' she says.’’So I did this E4 series and I just grew and grew and felt so comfortable. It gave me the most amazing confidence.''
  • Lythgoe now hopes that her success on SYTYCDA may help to reunite her with her husband.

Full article here

I like her honesty, but I am not sure what Nigel would think if he read the article.

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