Friday, February 29, 2008

Here is a reason why you may not want to be on a reality TV show.

I had not been interested in the Amercian reality TV show The Moment of Truth until I read this article in the Daily Tele about a women confessing to adultery to win money.

Channel 9 has the rights to the show but have not said when it will be screened.

Her husband was in the audience.

At least she may have made some cash out of it compared to just confessing her sins on Oprah.

Lauren Cleri - who was hooked up to a lie detector - said she was cheating
on her husband and wished she was married to an ex-lover. The 26-year-old said
she made the confessions to become rich and famous, only to walk away with
nothing but an angry husband – 24-year-old New York Police
Department officer Frank Cleri.

Her husband told the newspaper that he had known about her cheating ways,
but was not prepared for her to tell millions of viewers about it for money.

I may need now to watch the show.

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