Thursday, December 20, 2007

Runway to LA - Final Episode

The episode opens with Charlotte Dawson, life coach, telling Jordan Loukas that she was going to a second casting with Ed Hardy aka Christian Audiger.

This time the casting was to be in his shop.

Charlotte says" Do what ever he want you to do and give 100%" , and then "Really blow his mind" then she dumped her alone at the Ed Hardy store.

At this point I perked up thinking I was going to see some casting couch action in a town which is notorious for it. However that did not happen.

This is where Christian and his head stylist Ray pretend to be in deep conversation with the camera on them, Jordan walks in.

This is where I think this show needed a bit of cash for comment subtitle. Clearly the Producers have made a deal with Christian Audiger, be it money or publicity, so it is getting a bit boring that they are presenting this as a real modelling opportunity when it is obvious the whole thing has been set up for her.

The purpose of this casting wast to get the Audiger shop on TV. Yes it looked great. They did not even bother to get her to catwalk again. She was then sent outside while Christian and Ray conferred and came to their final decision. Which shock horror they were going to let Jordon to be in the LA Fashion Week show.

In line with their agreement and it must be a good one was that Jordan and Charlotte could take any clothes they wanted from the shop. That would have been cool, and they took stacks of stuff. I am sure no other model in his show was offered that.

Next Jordan does an Ashley Paige swimsuit shoot on Venice Beach surrounded by male models. Different props were standing on the top of a human pyramid, standing on a surfboard in high heels, and freezing her tits of in the water whilst groping spunky boy.

Then some of the shots are sent to Jordan's hotel. As Charlotte peruses them Jordan remarks "Her face was expressionless". That is because of all the botox Jordan.

However after pretending to hate them Charlotte gave them the 2 thumbs up.

Next it is time for the Ed Hardy show, and it was quite a spectacular, celebs like Brandy, and some midget rapper called Bow Wow, and even The Hoff.

Christian then announced that Jordan would open the show. A huge honour one that usually goes to the highest profile model. I presume this was another part of the contract between the producers and Ed Hardy.

Jordan looked great, but very nervous. I would have liked Miss Jay to critique her catwalk style.

Anyway now that is over, it was time to come home from LA, with Jordan promising she would be over there soon.

She did not outline when she would be going, and last I had read about her she had been cast in some bands music video.

Good Luck Jordan.


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Reality Raver said...

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