Monday, December 17, 2007

Reality Tidbits - miscellaneous

Natalie Gauci's debut Album 'The Winner's Journey' tanks.

Apparently it did not make top 10 and on debut only made number. Not great considering Damien Leith's went to number one pre-xmas.

Her Winner's Journey only sold 11,489 copies nationally, compared to the 89,000 albums Damien Leith sold in the first week after releasing his collection of Idol performances

Monty from the Daily Tele gives his opinion why this has occurred.

I feel a bit sorry for her, however some of the song selection from all them not just her was not great.

Channel 7 Is Dreaming
In a bizarre newspaper blurb, it said that Channel 7 were hoping to get Hugh Jackman to be the compere of Dancing With the Stars next season.

I know he is in town filming Australia with Nicole Kidman, and then another Wolverine movie starts here and in NZ but can you really seeing him slumming himself on Dancing With the Stars.

For God sake David Leckie get a grip do you really think a major super star like Hugh is going to want to do this show, let alone would Channel 7 have the budget to pay him. David I think you just better get Larry Emdur.

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