Thursday, December 13, 2007

Runway to LA

Runway to LA shows that Americans do reality TV better then Australians.

I know that reality TV is that you set situations up so you can then film what happens at them, however this show feels too set up. Well this particular episode did.

I think this episode could have been subtitled "The Ed Hardy Promo Episode"

This episode Charlotte Dawson, and Jordan Loukas were still in LA, and the first scene were the two of them exercising/running through a canyon. Charlotte whinged that Jordan was not showing any humour or personality whilst exercising. Who does? Jordan appeared in a Ed Hardy top.

Next Charlotte says that Jordon is going to attend a networking party with fashion people, models, and musos. Apparently they were Charlotte's contacts. Well they turn up to the Roosevelt Hotel, and Charlotte then tells Jordon she will in fact be hosting the soiree, and will have to circulate. Charlotte will be watching on a monitor from a room.

The party was small with only 15 people, you wondered where they wrangled them from. Some probably did not even know why they were there.

I would have thought that prior to LA they may have tried to do some confidence building skills with Jordan, as it was quite embarrassing having to watch her make pretty poor small talk around the party.

You get the feeling if Paloma or any of those girls from America's Next Top Model had been at that party they would have been working on it.

Some guy saved her with some chat about salsa dancing, then Charlotte rang her and called her to the room.

Jordon had a meltdown, when she got in the room, and said I cannot go out there again and kept on crying.

At first they were going to put an ear piece in Jordan's ear so Charlotte could talk her through it. Then I think the producers took Charlotte aside and said you better go out there with her, as the 'special guest' had arrived.

It was none other the Christian Oderjai the designer/owner of Ed Hardy.

They are at the bar and Charlotte forces her to talk to him, finally it it agreed she go for a casting for his show next week.

This bit was obviously set up, and must be a part of the contract of the promotion of his clothes on the show.

Charlotte then takes her down to Sunset Boulevarde to practice catwalking. After that it was onto Hollywood Boulevarde to cat walk in a bikini, considering there are so many freaks in that area Jordan did not look out of place.

The people dressed up as super heroes kept on following her.

Next up was a visit to Perez Hilton, who apparently had writing about Jordan before when he was at a fashion parade in Australia and she had a wardrobe malfunction - boob fell out of dress. Unfortunately I could not find the article on his website.

Perez tells her she should thank him for the exposure, also if she wants to get along in this town she should expose her boobs and beaver.

Charlotte disagreed at this point. He also said "Develop a thick skin", "Self-promote and be confident without being cocky".

He did not tell her to get a high profile boyfriend, this always helps to get media space. Maybe she needs to date an Australian cricketer, as this has kept Lara Bingle mediocre career going.

It is time for the Ed Hardy posting, and she is arriving there with hairy armpits, and skanky nails.

Christian is there. As is Ryan the runway trainer, why are all runway trainers gay and male?

She is dressed in a cute little outfit with beret, however they are not impressed with her walk. You could tell the assistants were extremely underwhelmed as they thought she looked to young. I never thought that was a liability in modelling.

Then she was put in some lingerie, and told to walk really sexy. Again she did not blow them away. They were concerned about her nervousness and how that makes her go within herself. They were unsure whether to cast her.

Christian aka Ed Hardy was going to give her one more shot he invited her and Charlotte to an event tomorrow night, as he wanted to see how she went.

Again the Ed Hardy promotion was on when he picked them up from their hotel in his car. Then they went to the party and walked the red carpet. Jordan got to face the paps with Christian, and once in the party he made her do her cat walk which she did do much better. But it was still up in the air whether she would get to do the show. How promos for next week shows that she does do it.

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