Monday, December 3, 2007

Bumped into the delightful Jordan Loukas

I bumped into Jordan Loukas at Marrickville Metro, and she was just gorgeous both in personality, and looks.

Firstly her skin was flawless, and perfectly made up. Maybe she was glowing from having been in the realm of the super soccer star David Beckham on the Monday night!

I asked her whether she felt she was being portrayed correctly on the show - she said yes, however she was wise enough to say that when you agree to go on a reality tv show you know there will be some editing.

I asked her what was next for her and she said she is interesting in music, modelling or hosting. So best of luck to her.

Also I asked about did she take offence at Charlotte Dawson calling her a 'Marrickville Ghetto Chick' - she appeared to be cool with that, and said Marrickville is a great place to live.

Jordan is back from LA - but I refrained from asking what happened as I will just watch the show.

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