Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Guy Sebastian joins the Bandwagon and lashes out at this years Idol contestants

In today's Daily Terror Guy Sebastian criticised this years Australian Idol contestants as ".....people who were quite calculated in their use of the show and quite blatantly used it to get a platform for their careers,''

Couldn't agree more, how many times did we have to put up with Idol contestants like Marty, Matt, Brianna, and Holly, saying they much prefered to be playing originals rather then covers.

If they want to do that contest Triple J Unearthed contests rather then Australian Idol.

I suspect if they cannot do good covers their originals would be worse.


Anonymous said...

Back in Guy's day the contestants didn't have a clue what they were in for. From different comments I've read by contestants back then, I think they mainly just hung on and went with it. I'm sure there's a lot more forward planning by contestants these days.

Reality Raver said...

Yes I agree, however it does annoy me that they think there is something cringeworthy about being on the show.

Either embrace the concept or don't go on it.

I think it is rude to the viewers and producers.

Yes all contestants are on their to showcase their talent, and wanting to use it as an opportunity to promote 'their' music but this year they have been so blatent about it.

I also note that this year in America there was an Idol Songwriting comp - where the winners song was recorded. Maybe someone could pick up that concept here. Then there would be a lot of musicians that would have an opportunity to enter and see how their songs are voted by the public.