Monday, December 17, 2007

Next Top Model - Season 6 - Episode 4

If the only thing that Nneena gets from Next Top Model is breaking up with her boyfriend, then she has won. Having that hot male model brushing up against her would be a good consolation prize.

Between the terrorising of Gina by Jade, poor Nneena was taking harassing phone calls from her boyfriend John.

The Producers had a great shot of the loser(ie. John) saying goodbye to Nneena at the airport. You could see the anxiety in his voice and face, as he knew that as soon as she got away from him she would realise what a control freak he was.

"Your not telling me what I want to hear", and " I don't know what you are up to" should be used in the the Australian Government's next domestic violence campaign.

Honey I would be changing my mobile number and address and NOT telling him where I had gone. Lets hope he is not a gun freak as he had that 'If I can't have you noone else can' vibe about him.

The episode commenced with Jade being like the mean girl at school and picking on the meek Gina. Gina just not realising how to deal with those type of people did not just stand up to her.

Tonight Gina's lack of self esteem really got to me. She just interprets and reacts to every scenario wrongly. She really needs to pull herself together.

First up for the models is a tutorial by Janice Dickinson (is she really a female?) on the difference between commercial and editorial positions. Was Janice on Extreme Makeover prior to being on this show? Her face is horrendous. Anyway I think this will be the last we see of Ms Dickinson on this show after she called Tyra Banks fat last week.

That controversy is still raging on in the states.

Gina's lack of self confidence again came through, with a "I don't know if I can do it" remark. For that Janice made her stand up the back and hop on one leg and laugh.

They then all went to lunch at a Japanese restaurant, none seem to be eating much.

Janice was there bonding with Jade. Jade reckons her and Janice click.

Then Janice says who is hassling you in the house, and Gina rats out Jade. Jade looks shocked - not sure if she was faking that out of embarrassment. But she need not have bothered feeling bad, as Janice went for Gina and said "Don't rat out others," and " Just zip it."

Predictably Gina had a meltdown in the car on the way home.

The first task was to go to a photo shoot to test their commercial posing. It was sponsored by Sears, and all girls had four changes of clothes for the four seasons. There would be a prize for the best photos at the end of the day.

Jade was first up, and most of the girls did good shots, Brooke, and Gina's were probably the worst.

Nneena won the task, again she has won three, and got to keep all the clothes from the shoot. You would need a room to keep them all in.

Next they went and met Tyra in her dressing room between shows.

Tyra gave her usual pep talk about how she followed her dreams, and then asked them what they wanted to do after modelling.

Everyone gagged when Jade said she loved kids and wanted to be a Kindergarten teacher. As Dani said if my kid were in her class I would home school them. Agree.

Tyra also revealed how much she wanted kids. Maybe she needs to let men stay over the night, and not worry about her weave and wig then she would have a better chance of achieving that goal. For more information on Tyra's sleep over policy click here.

The model's next shoot was for them to show their editorial posing, whilst acting out their career goals. The fringe benefit of this shoot was modelling with a cute male model.

Jade with a long blonde wig and cane looked like a cross between Alice in Wonderland and a french maid.

The majority of the shots taken of the girls were great, but both Brooke and Gina struggled with the poses. I think as the competition is hotting up these girls are just not cutting it.

Nneena had a blast on her shoot, cosying up to her hot male model. They were sizzling. It culminated in her having to run away as Joanie quaintly put it "he pitched a tent". Nneena surprisingly did not report that in her daily phone call to her boyfriend.

It was judgement time, and their little task today for the judges was to do three commercial poses, and then using fireman uniform props do three editorial poses. Gina fluffed them.

However the most bizarre thing about the judgement time was Twiggy's two plaits. How old is she? Maybe she was auditioning for the Spice Girls as mutton spice?

Furonda, Dani, Joanie all sailed through to the next round, and predictably Brooke, and Gina were the bottom two.

I thought they may keep Gina for another week, just for the friction in the house, however I was wrong, and it was time to leave for Gina. I have a feeling Brooke won't be long in following her.


Onadrought said...

I thought Gina would stay, even though right from the beginning she should have been booted out, so I thought she was just being kept in for the friction element. Also because she was so reliably awful.
I like that expression "pitch a tent" don't think I've heard of that one, but great visual imagery.
Thought the girl that did the housewife shot was good, facial expression was quite ironic, perfect 50's housewife, not.
Tyra obviously does not read those male point of view articles in Cosmo where guys say that at the end of the day it's not about the daggy underwear or unshaven legs - they just want to get laid.
Anyway, she can always do what other vain or paranoid women do, lights off then up at 5am to do the make-up job. Hardly seems worth it. (well they do call me onadrought).
Reality Raver, who do you want to win? Who will win?

Reality Raver said...

Onadrought I am surprised you did not comment on the Nneena boyfriend situation, as I found it quite disturbing.

Who do I want to win? At the moment, Mollie-Sue, Dani, Nneena. And in some weird way Jade. Her and Dani is definately are the most amusing.

Onadrought said...

I did miss part of last night's show, so I may not be completey up on the Nneena situation. All I saw was a quick kiss which was within a modelling shoot anyway, then her callling BF to tell him. Why?? It was part of the shoot, and I don't know what Tyra thinks a French kiss is, but due to the lack of the staying over thing, she may be a bit out of touch on the kissing scene too. Granted it was more than a peck. Could it be called a pash?