Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A bit of mindless dribble for the really bored at work

The make up artist for the US So You Think You Can Dance has a blog.

Amy Strozzi the make up artist for So You Think You Can Dance has a blog called Confessions of a make up artist she talks about the show and how she got the job.

A blogger talks about going to the Natalie Gauci Concert and meeting.

This one is for Natali Gauci fans only. http://breakindishes86.livejournal.com/1618.html

American Idol V American Politics

For readers who want something mildly more intellectual while eating their lunchtime sandwich here is a interesting and witty article on world net daily about the similarities between American Idol and the American Presidential elections.

So You Think You Can Dance Gossip from the fantastic SYTYCD Blog.

Ted from the all encompassing http://www.bloggingsytycd.blogspot.com/ says he tries not to trade in gossip on his blog has a tidbit which says Hok and Lacey have broken up - he does not reveal the source. As far as I am concerned the more gossip the better!

He has other articles on Wade Robson and his support of Barack Obama.

His blog is always a great read.

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