Monday, January 21, 2008

America's Next Top Model - Cycle 6 - Final 7

Tonight's episode veered into a episode of Extreme Makeover when the viewer had to watch in way to much detail the pulling out of Joanie's teeth to make the perfect smile.

It was excruciating - she had multiple teeth pulled out, other ones filed back, and 12 hours in the dentist chair with more to come.

The other girls only had to put up with wearing retro glasses as their teeth were getting whiten.

Just as well Joanie was buoyed by being number 1 last week to help her get through the trauma.

Nnenna managed to get a lot of airtime due to the ongoing saga with her creepy boyfriend John. To be honest the phone conversations were starting to be repetitive and boring.
The model's first challenge was at the Strauberg ad agency where they were to meet "De Prise" an agent who had taken a sip at the fountain of truth and would give them criticism to see how they could handle it. After all the negativity a photo was taken of them.
First up was Nnnenna who was told she looked like a tranny and her stomach was not firm enough. She was not happy about it.
Furonda was told she looked anorexic in some photos - that was a good call as she is super scrawny.
Joanie told she had big ears and nose - she did not deal with the criticism well.
Brooke was told she looked masculine, never harmed Janice Dickinson's career.
Danielle was criticised for the gap in her teeth.
For Jade the criticism was like water off a ducks back - she was told she looked harsh, but she just turned it into a positive.
Anyway at the end it was revealed it was all a stunt to see how the girls handled the criticism. Jade not surprisingly won the challenge. She got to pick one girl to get a surprise with her - she picked Nnenna. Their surprises were waiting at home.
There were two wrapped boxes and who should be in them but Jades' mum, and Nnenna's psycho boyfriend John. One part of me thought how did the producers get Jade to pick Nnnenna? This was reality tv gold to have the boyfriend here for a face to face confrontation with her. They had a tight contract with disclaimer so if Nneena disappeared the producers were covered.
Needless to say Jade was sobbing with delight, and Nneena looked like she would rather undergo the pain and suffering Joanie would shortly be suffering at the dentist then to deal with boyfriend John face to face.

He straight away confirmed his creepiness by stroking her head continually like a dogs. The judges have been critical about Nneena for not showing emotion but here was a scene where she could hardly keep the revulsion off her face.
Jade's mum was trippy and asked Jade if she could fluff her down. Jade's mum pulls energy from the universe and gives it to her. Is this like a proper job? You too can have one at your nearest Body, Mind, and Spirit festival.
Nneenna clearly not stupid decided to 'fess up to kissing the male model in front of the camera. John said in a playful but serious tone "You don't get off that easy." Nneena at this point is just lying on the bed with her eyes closed trying not to interact with him. He really did not pick up on any of her body language cues to realise she really was not that into him being there. And he was to be there the whole night! Was there nooky in the Top Model Houselhold? Thank god the camera's gave them some privacy.
One of this weeks shoots was for Pantene and they were to dress like dolls. There was so much product placement that it is a wonder they did not have them holding a product whilst the photos were taken. I imagine the Pantene exec's tried to negotiate this but unsuccesfully.
The shoot was predictable most girls did well but Brooke and Sara were ordinary. Brooke complained that she only got negative feedback.
Joanie's highlight of the shoot as a ventriloquist's doll was she had a hot male model as a prop much to Danielle's jealousy.
Furonda was told it was her best ever shoot as she really got into the rag doll look.
Nnenna was dressed as a baby doll and she did look like a tranny allegation was now true with her dressed in a long haired wig.
After that it was dentist time. Danielle decided she did not want the gap in her teeth fixed, whereas Joanie was like give me the Works baby.
I like Danielle's gap so I was glad that she was not going to have it fixed.
There next stop of the day was at Club Mood where the girls were told about the ugly side of modelling by Janice Dickinson. These scenes are so edited you only get 30 seconds of Janice and some charisma free former Next Top Model winner.
She said the number one problem can be alcohol - apparently she had too much before a valentino runway show and fell off the end of the catwalk. Considering Janice was around in the Studio 54 days it was surprising she did not talk about drugs.
After that model lesson it was off to another photoshoot where Tyra was going to be shoot director. The aim of it was to show sadness whilst still looking pretty.
To make them cry some special tear enhancer was placed on them to bring on the tears - for Danielle it stung her eyes, but for Jade she needed a double helping to get her going.
For Nnenna once the fake tears were rolling the real ones followed, of course the daytime talk show host came out in Tyra who just loved it as she managed to bring out a 'real' emotion in one of her charges.
It was time for judgement day and the judges gave them a critique of their photos.
Furonda got all positive reviews she was told she was "developing" and "the ragdoll was her best shot".
Brooke again just copped a barrage of criticism "Tyra did not enjoy directing her" and" No doll shots"
Joanie they loved her shots she is peaking at the right time in the competition.
Danielle was told having a gap in her teeth will hinder her from getting a cover girl contract.
Jade teared up at her photo and the judges accused her of faking it - that was a bit harsh. However they were "blown away" by her shots.
Sara was questioned about whether she was passionate about modelling which she answered in the affirmative, whilst thinking about whether her very expensive college degree was going to go go waste.
Nneenna was asked if she had lost her focus because of boyfriend issues she said she had not. You can just see her working up to dump him as "I don't want to wreck this great opportunity."
Joanie was the first called for the second week in a row, so a nice prize to top off a tough week.
The bottom two were Brooke and surprisingly Jade. Brooke for her photos, and Jade for her "fakeness" I would have thought that could have been an asset in this industry.
It was obvious Brooke was going to take the bullet, and then we had the weekly Tyra words of wisdom about being real to yourself. Aww shucks Tyra you are a life coach as well.

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