Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mark Holden Thinks Bobby Flynn has wasted Opportunities

In an article in the Herald Sun Mark Holden said this year's Idol's contestants needed to capitalise on their current opportunities.

Holden singled out a former Idol contestant the enigmatic Bobby Flynn as on person who had failed to do this.

Holden said:
Holden told Confidential that through poor choices, quirky crooner Flynn had failed to capitalise on the show and the enormous goodwill towards him in the industry.
"He is such a beautiful guy, but he needs strong management to be led in the most positive way," Holden said.
"In a lot of ways, he is his own worst enemy as he had a lot of people that wanted to work with him after last year but he wasn't able to make decisions.
"He needs strong advice."

Whereas he praised the lovely Ricki-Lee for continuing to work hard for what she wanted.

"I just love what Ricki-Lee has done," he said.
"She didn't waste her time in the Young Divas and always worked to do what she wanted to do, and that was to work on her own material.
"I just love her and am stoked it's going well."


bobby's girl said...

Perhaps Mark is reflecting on his own poor management choices in his early career.
Does he see a younger Holden in Bobby Flynn? I personally loved Bobby for his genuine individuality in that he didn't look too highly processed. Maybe Mark you should back off, and let Bobby be.

Reality Raver said...

LOL re: Mark's poor management choices.

I don't think Mark Holden was ever an individual when he was younger. Wasn't he positioned as the young heartthrob.

I was and am a big fan of Bobby Flynn, and apparently his live performances are amazing.

He has his own website and a myspace page as well which seems to be updated more frequently.

disco queen said...

funny that natalie hasn't got any votes in your latest poll. I was rooting for her on sunday but really wanted marty to win just for the fun of it.

Mark Holden was in his heyday when i was around 12 and i can tell you that he was a terrible actor on the young doctors, which i watched religiously, and even as a young malleable teeny bopper I knew that his singing was equally bad and that he was a wimpy lad with little sex appeal.