Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dancing with the Stars - Finale

It was a battle between technique (Bridie) v personality (Anh Do) last night on the Dancing With the Stars Finale. It was over for another season thank god.

The show opened with David Campbell singing cabaret, but it quickly turned to burlesque once a troupe of female dancers came out onto the stage.

By the time Darryl Somers skipped down the stairs they were wearing black suspenders and red feather boas.

Sonia Kruger then came tripping down the stairs clearly feeling nostalgic for her Strictly Ballroom character Tina Sparkles by carrying a sparkler.

Again the repartee between her and Darryl was riveting - not. Darryl thought she looked a bit like Kim Basinger from LA Confidential, which she did. Whilst she said she had been channelling Nicole Kidman, which by the lack of wrinkles on Sonia's forehead would appear to be correct.

The clear favourites Bridie and Craig did the Cha Cha to Arethra Franklins Respect. It was a disco type cha cha, and the scene seemed to be set in some nightclub.

It was pretty good, except for a wayward jacket which landed over Bridies head. As Todd McKenny said "Never work with animals, children or jackets,". But this incident did not hinder their score as the judges loved the routines. They got a high 35 points.

Next up was Anh (I cannot believe I made it this far) Do and Luda doing the Pase Doble. They did a Bruce Lee type twist to it. With Anh Do opening being wired down to the floor, and both had swords to spar with.

It was a typical Anh Do routine which was fun, the dancing technique however was not up there. The judges did not like the fusion of the pase doble from spanish to chinese, and they scored a low 26.

I had to fast forward through the flashbacks of other contestants as this show really goes on for far to long.

Darryl then announced that one of the judges will be on It Takes Two, this is going to be Mark, the most boring judge, so clearly It Takes Two are having difficulty getting celebs for that production as well.

Hopefully some sort of personality will emerge during that show otherwise he won't last long.

Bridie and Craig then did a repeat of the Samba which they did a few episodes ago. At time I said:

Even though the judges adored her Samba where she was channelling the jungle
queen, the way she moved and look reminded me of one of those people who had
been raised by wolfs (or some other animal) for years in isolation.

The judges loved it again and gave it the Nadia Comenici perfect score of all tens, so a total of 40.

At this stage Anh Do and Luda knew they were up against and repeated a samba they do had previously done. I was surprised they did not do their salsa routine as that had been a cracker. Still this was ok with lifts, and Luda working it hard as usual to make up for Anh Do lack of skills. Judges gave them 32.

Then Kate Cerbrano came and sung a song to promote her new CD. She was wearing this ludicrous dress which looked like a black wedding dress. But all was revealed as it was taken off and she danced a routine with her former Dancing With the Stars Partner. I was really impressed when she did the splits at the end.

The Bridie and Craig did their freestyle dance with the story of lovers being at other sides of the mirror. It was a bit Mia Michaels, So You Think You Can Dance like. It was pretty good, and she is a great dancer considering she has not danced before. Again the judges gave it the perfect score of 40.

There was starting to be no suspense in this final. Then Anh Do and Luda did their final dance, where Anh was dressed as a donkey, and Luda as a european peasant farmer with a tail??? I think.

Anyway it was a fun routine again which lacked technique. The judges kindly scored it 35.

Sonia Kruger then came up with the most cutting line of the night, possibly aimed at Elka Graham. She said to Anh Do "Just be careful none of the retired swimmers offer you drugs at the after party".

It was time for announcement - half hearted pause to create suspense and the winner is Bridie Carter.

This season again rated highly for Channel 7 so expect to see it back on our screens next year.

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