Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Mark Da Costa comes out

In this weeks TV weak, Mark Da Costa proclaimed to be a born again Christian. Apparently he needed some guidance to get over some alcohol and drug issues.

Unfortunately for him this information was divulged after he had been booted off.

It would have been interesting to see if this info had been out in the public arena earlier whether he could have avoided eviction by harnassing the Christian vote ala Dean Geyer.

Or maybe Mark was just covering his bases when he was inevitably punted by Idol, he could try to crack the lucrative Christian rock market in the states.

With the high number of born agains on the show maybe they should hold an audition at Hillsong. However I suspect Marcia may be the only one to turn up to that one.


Onadrought said...

I think you'll find out Raver, that they don't need to audition at Hillsong, they already have. On the Tonight show or what ever that crappy 6.30pm channel 7 is called, tonight they are going to reveal that about half of the contestants are in Hillsong. Is Mark de Costa one of them? I was wondering why, with those good looks he didn't have much of a sexual aura and that must be because he has renounced sex. Maybe though that is why I am onadrought as maybe I just can't pick up on sexual aura. Mmmm, come to think of it, NO. Johnny Depp has it, Clooney has it in spades inspite of rumours about what kind of sexual aura he may have. What do others think? I mean it wouldn't surprise me if that's the same reason another pretty boy, Daniel Misfud has no raunch factor. Has he acquired that Donny Osmond cheesy look on the Hillsong stage? The one with the most pulling power, dare I say, is Crooner.
Anyway my favourite, and favourite of Sunday night was Ben, he should have got the touchdown, howver if tonight it is revealed that he too belongs to those Happy Clappers, I may have to change the way I vote.

Reality Raver said...

Well Ben has been outed in a different way tonight on the show. Tarasai, Daniel and Matt were also named as being Hillsongers.

Mark De Costa is not one but is a born again christian, does that make a difference on his sex appeal factor?