Monday, October 22, 2007

Australian Idol - And now there are five.

The Young Divas are "brainstorming" around a table, and Kate Darrugo pipes up "I know how I can look svelte, bring on a hugely obese black rapper and get him to dance near me" And there we had the evolution of only one weird part of a almost grotesque routine by the Young Divas, which involved boob massaging and unco-ordinated pelvic grinding. Were they channelling Brittany Spears pre rehab?

It was all a part of promoting their new single another cover "Turn Me Loose" with the new baby Diva the cute and talented Jessica Mauboy. However their voices show how mediocre Tarasai's is. Pauline and Jess were the highlights. Is Emily Williams some sort lady boy from Thailand, the outfit seemed to suggest so. Also did Sheridan Tyler dress Kate as it had all his hideous trademarks of highlight body flaws eg the tuckshop arms.

Speaking of clothing disasters. What the fuck was Matt Corby wearing? At first glance it seemed like a nightie that had been stolen of a hills hoist. But then it looked like the Banana in Pyjamas with condoms on their heads? Anyway he deserved to be eliminated because of this hideous lack of taste.

The bottom three were a shocked"But I hit all the notes" Tarasai, and the other two bottom three regulars, Daniel Mifsud, and Marty Simpson.

Marty was the first to be sent back to the couch. I have a theory on who is voting for Marty. It is a group of wealthy muso's who hate the concept of Idol, who want to show how mediocrity can beat talent. I suspect Missy Higgins a noted hater of Idol, is the leader of this pack, and part of her latest record sales are being pumped into this project.

I was not surprised when Daniel got booted, as his songs last night were beyond ordinary, and people had high expectations of him but he never delivered. I would be surprised if he has a post Idol career.


Tilly Devine said...

What would Jesus do?

Reality Raver said...

Well clearly he ain't doing much as most of the pentacostals are gone - only two left, Tarasai and Matt Corby.

Jesus would pray for greater talent and entertainment. Not one of these would I pay to see sing.