Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Dicko A Bit of Crumpet - Oh Please

The Daily Telegraph today reports that the popularity of Dicko has hit new heights with a Facebook page created called Monty Bloggers who lust after Dicko.

The article Dicko is a Sexy Bit of Crumpet? outlines how men and women would both like to do him. Very disturbing. The Daily Tele clearly wrote the article as a good opportunity for them to plug their Australian Idol Blog. Is this really mainstream news?

I think this whole episode highlights the evils of Facebook.

Other Facebook pages soon to appear:
Girls that would like to pray with Matt Corby;
People who would like to see Marcia give an honest opinion;and
Fans of Andrew G's hair.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The morning announcers on triple J are fans of Andrew G's hair, with a segment devoted to getting ordinary people made over by his awesome hairdresser.
They actually need it. What has happened to Myfs voice, like she's Heidi on the top of a mountain, a long way off the mic.
Back to Andrew G. - it's his beautiful Chech heritage that makes him so glowing, oh and the vegan diet.