Monday, October 8, 2007

Australian Idol Elimination Night -Goodbye Jacob

Does Hillsong influence the results of Australian Idol shows, or does the voting public think Beatles songs are naff? Please discuss.

On tonight's show either of those theories could be correct. The bottom two Jacob Butler, and Carl Risley are not members of an evangelical christian organisation, but before we whip ourselves up into a christian conspiracy frenzy again (lets leave that to Today Tonight) they both managed to butcher overdone Beatles classics.

Personally I love a good conspiracy theory, however I am inclined to believe it is the latter. Does anyone under 40 really get excited by The Beatles these days, unless it involves a nasty divorce settlement and a prosthetic limb?

Also I know music purists are going to disagree, but was singing a Beatles tune really in the spirit of Brit Pop night as Dicko conceived it? It appears the voting public has punished them for it.

Even though Reality Raver confidently predicted Marty to go - the mystery of who is voting for him continues - must be either the Central Coast residents or the stoner dudes (if that is the case then Australia has a massive drug problem), it was no shock to see Jacob go.

It was meant to be his night, his genre, and he blew it. It was the equivalent of Mark Da Costa singing a Status Quo song on rock night. Lame.

He also blew the sympathy shag his Channel 10 girlfriend they were flashing on screen every 2 seconds was going to give him by thanking everyone but her. Particulary galling considering she probably spent about $1000 voting to keep Jacob in the competition.

The judges were encouraging and told him to keep on trying, but you could tell they thought it would be very doubtful he would be offered a record contract, You knew you were seeing a dream collapse and that teaching degree (music) was just one step closer.

The good news is that next Sunday there will be no Beatles songs as Idols will be singing songs from the year they were born. Disturbingly this will mean a couple of songs from the '90's.


Anonymous said...

RR, the Beatles are crap and so is this year's Idol, is anybody really watching them, with that tired old format and crazy caring mother hen Marcia? I remember when Mark Holden was on the Young Doctors and he was about as talented then as he is now! THe happy clapping church singers have conrered the mnarket and we are all watching better stuff on cable!

Cheers M

Alison said...

how can voting by Hillsong be ''voting riggig'' like the daily telegraph claims today?
Didn't the whole of Condobilin vote for Shannon Noll and don't all contestants lobby their mates for votes?
The sooner that people realise that it's not ''Australia'' voting but instead a handful of 15-year old girls and contestants' families, the better. So there.

Alison said...

... and another thing ... show producers won't ever care about block voting because it rakes in the dollars from all the texting. That, after all, is what reality TV is all about

Anonymous said...

I think that Playschool and Sesame Street should allow the audience to vote off characters, I've always disliked Big Bird.

Reality Raver said...

Alison I agree with what you are saying - yes condoblin did vote for Shannon Noll, but the greater travesty was Ballarat voting for Kate Derrugo (deliberately spelling her name wrong so I cannot be googled by any of her fans.)

Yes I think the tabloid media is beating the story up. I love the way the Daily Tele has the gall to turn their blogs into a mainstream new item.

ANON - I like the idea, however voting of a Play School character could put my daughter into years of therapy and frankly I cannot afford it.

It is hard enough having to explain to her that Justine might be 8 months pregnant in the morning episode, but then the baby is not in Justine on the afternoon edition.

Mr snuffluficious (sic) used to scare me.

Onadrought said...

Why is that some people are so desparate to be a star like Jacob was? I think with all the frantic auditioning for XFactor etc, he appears far more interested in stardon than his "art". Of course there are so many wannabees out there just wanting to be famous, but if he loves his music just do it, and just don't be so desperate. No drought would be broken with this one, Carl Navy boy, now that's another story.

Tilly Devine said...

One thing to keep in mind with the Happy Clappy "scandal" is that churches like Hillsong and otehr evangelical and charismatic churches actually encourage the performance aspect.
Catholics like myself are often a little put off by this outward display of emotion, but it does allow them to hone their performance skills in front of quite often very large audiences. And also, they have an opportunity to work with some top flight artists.
So, it's a perfect talent hothouse...
Don't forget, everytime Hillson releases an album with their lead singer whose name is Darlene or something, it goes straight to number one!

Anonymous said...

Natalie is a terrible choice, She has no expression or feeling, makes very uneasy remarks, Cat had warmth and love. Nat is just stoney and blank.